Tax Return Preparation by Gautron Management Services Inc.

Looking for experienced tax return preparation? Need a U.S. tax return? Are you a self-employed individual? Need a bookkeeper?

GMS has been evolving since the early 90’s offering various services. Our services now included U.S. tax return preparation, Canadian tax returns, bookkeeping, as well as tax and business consultations. These services have been integral to our sense of community and our success.Our tax professionals are qualified to prepare federal, provincial, foreign and local tax returns. We work with you year-round to plan a strategy that will minimize your total tax burden.

We make our home in beautiful St. Boniface to remain connected to our community, our roots, and of course, our clients!

U.S. tax preparation & ITIN Services

Serge Gautron is a U.S. Enrolled Agent and offers U.S. tax preparation services. Serge is well versed in U.S. tax law and your U.S. tax filing requirements.
As a Certifying Acceptance Agent, he also offers ITIN application preparation services to people looking to fulfill their US filing requirements. Not only will he complete your W-7 application he will certify your identifying documents. That way you get to keep them instead of mailing them to the IRS.

Canada Tax return preparation

Currently, GMS continues to offer tax preparation, bookkeeping and consulting services. We are looking to serve the 100 best matches for our tax practice, which does include artists of all kinds, small business owners and self employed individuals, Canadian and U.S. rental property owners, U.S. expats and more!

Where to find us!

We are now in a very nice space in the building at the corner of rue de la Cathedrale and rue Des Meurons at 581-B DesMeurons.   Our office entrance is at the back of the building.  The right-hand door as shown in the picture below.

Parking is available on de la Cathedrale and on DesMeurons.

Email or call 204-512-1040 to set up an appointment.

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Building front


Office Entrance

Office Entrance

tax return prep parking stall

Client Parking Stall