Check Out Our New Logo!

Check Out Our New Logo!

At Gautron Management Services Inc. we’ve been serving the taxpayer since the early 90’s. We may have operated under various names over the years, but we always strive to provide a great customer experience.

After after almost thirty (30) years, we’ve finally decided to commission a new logo.

Why a goat in the new logo?!?

Besides the fact that baby goats are super cute?


The use of the goat is also a play on the pronunciation of Gautron; as in “Gaut” or goat! We thought we’d add a little personality and humour to an industry which is traditionally not all that exciting!

Tax season is coming quickly.

Revenue Canada is scheduled to complete its major systems upgrade near the end of February (Feb. 24). Once complete they will open their Efile systems for normal tax return processing.

A quick reminder

You have until March 2 to contribute to your RRSP and be able to apply this to your 2019 tax return. Check you Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment for 2018 prior to contributing to make sure you don’t exceed your maximum contribution room. The tax, penalties and interest associated with over contributions are onerous.

Your Individual Return T1 filing deadline is April 30. That deadline is extended to June 15 where either the taxpayer or their spouse have earned income from a self-employed business at any time during the calendar year.

One little trick

We share with our clients about medical expenses. If you consistently buy your prescriptions at the same pharmacy you can request a print out of all your purchases for the year. This simplifies the sorting of totalling relating to these expenses.


We look forward to serving you again this year or for the first time this year. Be sure to bring us your documents as soon as you can to avoid the end of season rush.

U.S. and Cdn tax return preparation