Cryptocurrency Taxation

Cryptocurrency is a fast moving industry quickly picking up pace with the mainstream world. Gautron Management Services will help you not only understand what is asked of you for your return. We will also help you prepare and submit your return in compliance with current tax laws.

How We Got Started in Cryptocurrency

Serge Gautron was asked to produce a Crypto Taxation Course in late 2018. In his efforts to understand the crypto space, Serge embarked on a long rabbit hole journey. He read everything he could get his hands on. 

A month later, Serge wanted to understand mining and what that would entail in terms of taxation. This led to having bought his first GPU Crypto Miner. After learning what he could from this purchase, he bough several more. Having a much firmer understanding of the moving parts within the mining industry, Serge began trading and exchanging crypto currencies on a few exchanges. Serge’s thirst to understand this piece of the industry led him to trade several dozen different currencies. He finally settled on his favourite exhance, Binance, where once can buy/sell/trade crypto and NFTs.

Speaking of NFTs, we also dabble in trading of NFTs. Which, as you may imagine, attract tax depending on your facts and circumstances.

Serge is well versed in cryptocurrency taxation. He would be able to help you whether you have 5 transactions or 1000+.


Get in touch with us for your crypto-taxation concerns.