In order to expiate the preparation of your tax return, it is helpful to use our organizers. Below are several resources to help you get things ready for tax preparation. We do work with various excel spreadsheets design by our clients. These require more time to analyze and prepare for use in our work. It is far more efficient for our work and cost effective for you if the following worksheets are used. These have been designed to streamline our preparation work and to help you simply record your totals.

Own Rental Properties?

Real Estate Rental Property Organizer

Are you self-employed sole-propriator, an artist or a contractor… Use this worksheet:

Self-Employed Statement Organizer

Did you move for work or school? Are you now at least 40kms closer? Use this worksheet:

Moving Expenses Organizer

Does your employment contract require you to incur expenses? For example do you required to use your car as part of your work, or your cell phone? Here are the forms you may need to claim these on your return:

to organize your expenses use this form:

Employment Expenses Worksheet

Your employer must complete and provide you with this form to support your claim:



Need a W-7 completed?

If you need an ITIN for reasons of opening a bank account, to collect your pension benefits or investment disbursements such as dividends or interest, you may need a third party to produce this letter for you. It must match the formatting and closely follow the wording (adapted for your situation).

Sample ITIN Letter

Need to file an Non-Resident U.S. tax return… use this form to gather some of the information we will require:

1040NR Organizer

Should you feel something else should be added to collection of resources for tax preparation, please feel free to send us a message. Feedback on these worksheets is also welcome.