Looking for a Bookkeeper?!?

We understand that running a business requires juggling several responsibilities at once. When business is booming, bookkeeping typically falls behind, unless you have someone else doing it for you!!

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Proper bookkeeping gives you and your company a reliable measure of your performance. Keeping your books up to date can help you analyse and manage your cash flow so you can have an accurate picture of your business’ financial situation. It provides information for general strategic decisions. Bookkeeping also gives you a benchmark for revenue and income. This way you know when you are profitable and when you need to go out and hustle a little more!

Proper bookkeeping tells you at a glance who owes you money and which vendors you must pay in the next few weeks. Up-to-date books also make reporting, sales tax and income tax returns much easier and quicker to produce. Having bookkeeping in place helps you stay compliant and make your government payment on time.

Whether you are just setting up your business or are in full swing, Gautron Management Services Inc. can help you keep your books current and well-organised.

In short, once a business is up and running, spending extra time and money on maintaining proper records is critical.

Our experienced bookkeeping professionals are happy to handle all or part of your bookkeeping needs with services that include:

  • Initial setup of your quickbooks
  • Payroll & Payroll Administration
  • Administrative Services (i.e. Invoicing and Data Entry)
  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Accounts Receivables
  • Accounts Payable
  • Collections