Tax Preparation

Our Specialty!

We specialize in both the personal tax return and small business tax returns.

Serge specifically specializes in U.S. taxation.

Our clients represent a diversity of occupations. These include visual artists, musicians, construction contractors, and many other small business owners. Whatever you do for a living, we likely have seen it before and would love to work with you.

Our business revolves around our clients.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services. We take the time to listen to you and understand your needs and requirements.


We are available by appointment! When you have questions or need assistance you’ll find us at the end of the phone or in our offices.


We can help you with Canada Revenue Agency reviews, audits and adjustments.

We take pride in our accurate, confidential and efficient services

In addition to your current tax return, we will also review your tax history to make sure you will be able to claim all possible benefits to maximize your overall return potential. We offer adjustment services as well to correct prior year returns to maximize your tax advantages.